FAQs about turf~

What Turf is the easiest to Maintain?
Our Palmetto and Sapphire Buffalo's is a great all round easy care turf with a soft leaf it is also low maintenance, shade & drought tolerant once established an has a great all year round green colour. Only requires fertilising twice per year, september and april. If you would like a great looking lawn and have better things to do with your time than constant mowing, ask us about Palmetto or Sapphire.

Give us a call to discuss which turf variety will suit you best.

Does my lawn need to be fertilised?
  • Yes, lawns need to be fed to stay heathy and strong.

  • Use a complete lawn fertiliser in early April and early September and then a slow release fertiliser in December/January.

  • If you need a quick green up, use a fertiliser with a high nitrogen level to promote lush green growth.

  • Avoid using manure based products during December/January/February period when humidity is high as this can cause a fungus.